COVID19 Updates

We’ve gotten lots of questions about  COVID19 and how it impacts our festival. We will update this page with FAQs and general information.


As we receive questions regarding our COVID19 policies, we will post the questions and answers here. 

Where can I find COVID19 information?

Please reference the CDC’s recommendations and information regarding Coronavirus. You can also reference the TN Department of Health Website. 

Are you still having the festival?

Yes. As of right now, we are planning to host the festival. We are closely following government and local authority recommendations for social distancing, and will make the best decision we can closer to the event. 

Because the festival is so far away, we do not want to make hasty decisions. 

We are continuing to plan for the festival as of May, 2020. 

Should I buy a ticket?

That is completely up to you! We understand that during this unique season, you may hesitate to purchase festival tickets in the fall. However, if you choose to buy a ticket now, we can help you make an informed and confident decision. 

We do want to assure you that we will refund any tickets purchased before October 1, 2020 for any reason.

Additionally, if we have to cancel or postpone the festival, we will offer full refunds to all ticket holders, or you may apply your ticket to the rescheduled date. 

What is your refund policy?

We have two important aspects of our refund policy. 


  1. Weather. If we are able to host the festival, we do not offer refunds for weather related issues. The event is a RAIN OR SHINE event, and if hot air balloons cannot fly, we have plenty of other festival activities to enjoy, and you will not receive a refund for parking passes. All canceled balloon rides always receive refunds.


  2. COVID19. It is possible that the festival will be advised not to continue if the coronavirus spreads again in the fall. We are hoping this will NOT happen, but we do have policies in place just in case it does. We will offer full refunds to ticket holders if we have to cancel or postpone the festival. If you would like to apply your ticket to the rescheduled date, you may choose to do so instead. We will notify attendees as far in advance as possible if we have to make a COVID19 related change.